Are you being
the irresistible invitation your clients can't refuse?

Your business has the possibility to reach clients from far and wide 24/7 through your online presence, are you making the most of it?


If you weren't trying to do it all by yourself, what infinite possibilities could you access?


Why would you hire a copywriter?


A copywriter knows the keywords to use that will entice and persuade, bring people and ideas together, and exponentialise the business.

Having worked as a journalist, sub-editor, ghostwriter, copywriter, journal editor, and proofreader for over 30 years, I have the insight, experience, and passion to add fresh appeal to your amazing services and products!

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  • Professional CV, bio or profile piece $100

  • Blogging $150 or 5 blogs for $600

  • Compelling newsletter copy a/a

  • Ebooks (under 5k words) $50o

Let's create something amazing together!