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Luscious body work

Access Bars

Access Bars® is a unique experience for you and your body. At worst you feel like you've had a great massage. At best, your whole life can change!

Symphony Sessions

Trained in the Symphony of Possibilities energies by Dr Dain Heer, Symphony Sessions are a magical experience. Offered via Zoom & in person.

Access Facelift™

Over 30 soothing, potent energies are gently applied to the body and face during the Facelift™. They noticeably renew, revitalise your body and brighten the complexion.

Abuse Hold

The Access Abuse Hold is a unique technique that silently releases the abuse that is rigidified and locked in the body. *Pre-requisite applies.

Body Processes

Access Body Processes are designed to target specific issues. Such as boosting immunity, correcting vision, releasing cellular trauma and so much more!


Gentle and potent, private coaching sessions with Nicola open up new possibilities with your body, creative capacities, relationships, and money flows.


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